Configuring Return and Warranty Policy for your store

Before any customer makes a purchase, vendors need to specify the conditions for requesting a refund. Please make sure to have entered this information before making any sell to avoid possible future legal problems.

Step 1 :

Go to Dashboard > Settings > RMA. This is the page where you can configure under what conditions a customer qualifies for a refund request / warranty.

Setting page for Refund & Warranty Policy

Step 2 :

Under Label, enter the label for your policy. This will be visible for customers on the shopping cart.

Customer view on the shopping cart

Step 3 :

Under Type, you can select whether to offer refunds/warranty without additional cost (Warranty Included), to offer at an additional cost (Warranty as Add-On) or to not offer it at all (No Warranty).

We highly recommend to offer at least 14 day money back warranty since this is what most sellers offer.

You can select under which reasons you offer refunds/warranty and for how long. If you would like to suggest a reason that you don´t find, please contact the admin.

Step 4 :

To conclude, please enter the description of your RMA Policy in the field below

Enter here your RMA Policy

This will be visible on your products under the “Warranty Policy” Tab.

Customer view

Customer / Seller return flow:

When a customer wants to return an order, he has the possibility to do so according to your settings. If you entered a return policy for 14 days, the customer will have the possibility to request a return only 14 days after their purchase.

Customers can request a return from their account going to their orders page and clicking on “Request Warranty“.

Customer order view

Vendors can see their return requests under Dashboard > Return Requests.

Vendor view

If you click on “View”, you will be able to write with the customer and update the status of the return request. When you finished with the return, change the status of the request to completed.

If you refunded the order, please go to your orders and change the status of that order to “Refunded”. If you don´t do this, you will get wrong statistics at the end of the month.