Connect your Stripe Account

The most important step is to connect your stripe account to the marketplace to ensure a correct automatic payment flow. Please never disconnect your account, otherwise customers won´t be able to buy your products.

Usually you can connect your Stripe account on the Welcome Wizard when your first register as a vendor. If you skipped this step, please follow the following steps.

Step 1

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Payments. There you will see whether your account is already connected.

Account already connected with Stripe
Account not connected with Stripe

If your account is not connected, click on “Connect with Stripe”.

Step 2

If you already have an existing Stripe account, login with your credentials.

If you don´t have an account, click on “sign up” and create one.

Login or create an account

After logging in, you will see the Marketplace is trying to connect to your Stripe account.

Click on the Connect my Stripe account button.

Connect to the Beauty4Future marketplace

After confirmation, you will be redirected to your store Payment Settings page.

You are done setting up your Stripe account!