Configure your shipping methods:

To see the full view of countries included in the zones click here.

Before any customer makes a purchase, vendors need to configure their shipping methods. Otherwise customers won´t be able to buy from you.

Zone shipping

This shipping systems is based on the DHL Standard Shipping Zones. We registered all those zones on Beauty4Future so that you just have to enter your price for the corresponding zone.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Shipping.

The more specific zones have higher priority. At the top, you will see the 11 zones based on their location. These countries are grouped so vendors don´t have to enter the prices for all single countries.

At the bottom, you will find the single countries. If a customer is form a country covered by both of your zones, the more specific zone will have priority (for example, if you set your shipping costs for the zone Germany to be 5€ and the costs for zone EU1/2 to be 15€, when a customer buys from Germany he will pay 5€ shipping costs. But if he buys from France, he will pay 15€).

Usually, you will first scroll down to find the zone which includes only the country you ship from, because you would usually have the best prices for your country, or even free shipping.  Then, you will go up and enter your prices for the more general zones.

Make sure to not leave any region uncovered, otherwise customers won´t be able to buy your products from that region.

Shipping Settings

You will find a list of all the different zones. You can add your shipping method corresponding to the zone clicking on “Add Shipping Method”.

Add a new shipping method for this zone

A page will open with the detailed view. You can see what countries are included inside this shipping zone. This means that all the customers that live in these countries will pay the shipping costs you are going to enter.

Your shipping method will apply to these countries

To enter your shipping method for that area, click the  “Add Shipping Method” button.

Select your shipping method

A Pop-Up will appear, and you will have 2 possible choices:

  1. Flat Rate: Customers in this regions will pay a fixed price for shipping.
  2. Free Shiping: Customers within this zone get free shipping for all your products.

You can add more than one method to each zone. Customers will then be able to choose which shipping method they prefer.

For example, if you offer shipping to the US for 30€ but offer free shipping for orders above 200€, you would add for this zone a “Flat Rate Shipping for 30€“, and a “Free Shipping for minimum amount of 200€“. This way, when a customers hits the minimum 200€ required, free shipping will automatically display as an option to choose on the checkout page.

1. Flat Rate Shipping:

Flat Rate Shipping is the most common method. Click on “Edit” below the name to start adding your method.

Select your shipping method

Enter the name of the shipping method, the cost (in €) and the description. When you´re finished, click on “Save Settings“.

If you enter more than 1 option, the customer will be able to choose between them.

Enter the details

Enter the name of the shipping method, the cost (in €) and the description. When you´re done, click on “Save Settings“.

If you enter more than 1 option, the customer will be able to choose between them.

For example, you could offer a regular Hermes shipping for 5€ and a DHL GoGreen for 10€.

View when entering more than one method

Finally, click on “Save Changes”. You´re done setting up flat rate shipping.

2. Free Shipping

When selecting “Free Shipping”, you can choose the minimum order amount for getting free shipping. This way, when a customer hits that amount (including only products from your store) he will automatically get free shipping.

Free Shipping

Shipping zones country list

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom



Cyprus, Malta

Andorra, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Iceland, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland

Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine

Canada, Mexico, United States (US)

China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand

Egypt, South Africa, Bahrain, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, South Korea, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Australia, New Zealand

Rest of the world