Complete your Store Details

After creating your account and completing the first 3 mandatory steps, you can complete your profile. This is not required to be able to sell, but highly recommended, so that the customers know all possible information about you.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Store.

Step 1: Add Banner

You can add a banner that will be displayed on your personal shop page. Make sure that you use the recommended size or more, but no less. If your banner is smaller, it will look blurry.

After uploading the banner, click on the  “Update Settings” button at the bottom of the page.

Look on the vendor back end

Just below the banner, you will find a button that allows you to upload a profile picture. Go ahead and do it, then click on “Update Profile” again.

Look from vendors view
Look from the customers view
Look from the customers view
Your customers will see your banner and your profile image on the “Brands” page and on your personal shop site.

Step 2: Add phone number and map location

Enter your contact phone number and your address on the map form. This will be visible for customers on your shop page.

Phone and address

Step 3: Add your Terms & Conditions

It is really important that you enter your shop terms & conditions to avoid any future legal issues.

Please tick “Show terms and conditions in store page” and enter your policies below.

Terms & Conditions

Step 3: Add Biography

You can enter a description of you company. This can include pictures and videos, and will be visible on your store page.

Step 3: Enable Support (optional)

The last option is for enabling store support. Enabling this option will show a button on your store page where customers can contact you directly.

Terms & Conditions

A”Support” tab will appear on your dashboard. You can see, answer and manage your support requests from there.

Terms & Conditions