We support The Ocean Cleanup

We give 5% of sales to the organisation The Ocean Cleanup for cleaning our rivers and seas.

The Ocean Cleanup is a project of Boyan Slat from Delft, born in the Netherlands in 1994 and a student of aerospace technology, whose aim is to gather up the plastic waste in the oceans. More than 100 researchers worked on the feasibility study, which concluded that the project was worthwhile.

It was a sad discovery that gave Boyan Slat the idea in 2011. While diving in Greece, he found more rubbish than fish in the ocean.

In October 2014, the crowdfunding that had started in June of that year reached the required US$ 2 million thanks to some 40,000 supporters.

Cleaning up the ocean

The first samples of System 001, a 600m-long floating body, which catches plastic floating up to 3 metres below the water’s surface, started as of May 2018.

Since then, the organisation has been working on advancing the model, as well as, in parallel, on new technologies to free the rivers of plastic.

Visit www.theoceancleanup.com to learn more!