Climate change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Our Oceans Need You

5% of all Beauty4Future sales go towards cleaning our oceans.​

On every item you can see how much plastic is taken out of the sea thanks to your contribution.



Of plastic waste is produced all around the world



Of plastic waste goes into the ocean each year

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Is the cost per ton of plastic waste in reduced environmental value

We are fighting for a plastic-free future

At Beauty4Future, you can buy cosmetics with a clear conscience, because each one of our suppliers is obligated to ensure that their products are free of microplastics.

Microplastics are everywhere these days. High concentrations of microplastics have been discovered in the water, in the earth, in the air and even in the Alpine snow. The tiny microplastic particles that are found in cosmetic products go down the drain already during one’s morning shower, go through the sewer system, into a stream, and then into the sea. The plastics from these products cannot be adequately filtered out of the wastewater by sewage treatment plants. So, more and more get into in our waters.
Via sewage sludge, the microplastics then also reach fields in the form of fertiliser, and via this route make it into our soils. Then, via earthworms, for example, microplastics enter the food chain. In an initial pilot study, researchers at the University of Vienna examined faecal samples from eight humans from all over the world. Microplastic particles were found for all subjects: 20 pieces of plastic in 10 grams of faecal matter – that means there were roughly 200 pieces of microplastic per bowel movement.

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Further Guidelines

Our Criteria


Free of any animal or animal-derived ingredients.

CO² Efficient

Energy efficient consideration when producing or shipping.

Fair & Social

Consideration for areas of ecological or sustainable production, like socially acceptable production conditions and fair trade.

Natural ingredients

Manufactured using a high percentage of natural ingredients


Produducts whose packaging, or the product itself, is made of recycled material or is easy to recycle



Free of any animal or animal-derived ingredients.


CO² Efficient

Energy efficient when producing or shipping.


Fair & Social

Consideration for areas of ecological or sustainable production, like socially acceptable production conditions and fair trade.


Natural Ingredients

Manufactured using high percentage of natural ingredients



Produducts whose packaging, or the product itself, is made of recycled material or is easy to recycle

You can see on each product what criteria apply to it, and the explanation of the corresponding vendors. You can filter your search results using this criteria.

Eloy Caudet


I was born in Valencia, Spain in 1997 as the son of a Spanish mother and a German father and grew up there.

Already as a teenager I was very interested in environmental issues. What always preoccupied me a lot was the garbage on our coasts. I could see for myself how more and more plastic garbage was accumulating on the beaches of my hometown and never understood how many companies were ruthlessly dealing with our planet without considering the consequences in the future.

At 18 I moved to Germany and started to study computer science at the RWTH Aachen University. At that time, of course, we also discussed current environmental problems and their causes among fellow students. What I didn’t realize until then was that the cosmetics industry is one of the main causes of ocean pollution. A fellow student and good friend of mine at university spoke for the first time about microplastics in cosmetic products that we use every day. The associated problems for our ecosystem frightened me and at the same time motivated me to commit myself to change.

My goal was to create a solution to this incredible problem, which had been ignored for decades. I wanted to give the cosmetics industry an opportunity to present cosmetic products on a platform where products are completely free of microplastics. In my head, the idea of a non-profit organization, which does not pursue any economic interests itself, was born.

Besides my studies I started to realize my vision. It was a twist of fate that I met a cosmetics entrepreneur by chance. Full of enthusiasm and emotion I told him about my idea. Fortunately, he was also an enthusiastic visionary because it didn’t take long for me to convince him with my idea. He immediately decided to support me and invest in my project. I was overjoyed, finally it could start. Big tasks were waiting for me. I broke off my studies to be able to get the Beauty4Future platform on the way.

I want to achieve three things with Beauty4Future:

– To increase consumer awareness and sensitivity to our environment.

– active cleaning of the seas

– greatest possible prevention of further contamination by microplastics

With The Ocean Cleanup I have found a partner who has made it its mission to clean up the oceans. Together we want to actively contribute to ridding the oceans of 200 million tons of plastic by 2040. From all sales through the Beauty4Future platform 5% of the proceeds will go directly to The Ocean Cleanup to support their work. How many grams of plastic are taken out of the ocean by your purchase, you can see with every article.

My appeal to you: support Beauty4Future and become a part of this great project.