Terms & Conditions for Vendors

Our customers put high expectations on Beauty4Future and on you as a seller: high transparency, fast delivery, flawless goods and trouble-free communication in all questions concerning the order. We want to support you in your efforts to provide the best possible service and have therefore established binding principles for all sellers on Beauty4Future. The Beauty4Future seller support is of course available to answer your questions.

1. Product Shipping

The dispatch of articles has to take place within the indicated dispatch time. If nothing is stated in the article description / store terms & conditions, the shipment must be made within 2 days after receipt of payment confirmation. The dispatch may be confirmed to Beauty4Future and the buyer only after it has been made. This is done by updating the status order to “completed”.

2. Article Availability

Articles that are not available may not be offered on the Beauty4Future marketplace. If, in exceptional cases, an article is no longer available after an order has been placed, the Beauty4Future customer service and the customer concerned must be informed immediately.

3. Reaction to complaints and requests from our customer service

Complaints from buyers and inquiries from our customer service department must be responded to promptly. If there is no reaction within 4 days, the complaint can be decided in favour of the buyer.

4. Articles that do not arrive

If a buyer indicates that he or she has not received the item, we will request a regular proof of receipt from the seller; this must show the recipient’s address. If this is not available, the case can be decided in favour of the buyer.

5. Absence

If you do not have access to your e-mails and your Beauty4Future customer account for more than 4 working days (e.g. due to a holiday), the offered articles must be paused.

6. Article status

Only new articles may be offered on the Beauty4Future marketplace.

7. Vendor names, URLs, Links

Your vendor name must not be in the form of a URL (*.de, *.com, etc.) and must not contain a URL. If you add covers or other images to the product description of an article, they must not contain any markings or lettering that are not directly related to the product. Your products may not contain links to external websites.

8. Third-Party Rights

 You are obliged to ensure that your products and the way they are presented do not infringe the rights of third parties.

9. Own Advertising

You are not permitted to use the personal data you have received through the Beauty4Future website for further advertising. In particular it is prohibited to provide the consignment of goods with your own advertising, to send advertising e-mails to the customer or to call or write to the customer for advertising purposes.

10. Responsability for the correctness of the information

On the Beauty4Future marketplace, you as a seller are responsible for the correctness of your own statements.

11. Payment methods / Escrow service

Payment transactions are carried out via the e-wallet system of the provider Stripe. This enables you to receive payments directly from customers on your Stripe account. Only 10% commission is deducted, of which 5% is donated, ~2.5% is deducted from Stripe for enabling payment transactions, and 2.5% for our technical costs. Please take into account that we cannot return the stripe fee in case of the return of a product. The fee is kept by Stripe.

Stripe must verify your identity as a seller before the money can be paid out to your account. You can easily upload the necessary documents to your Stripe dashboard, and the verification process usually takes 2-3 hours.

12. Returns, refunds and warranty

Refunds have to be managed by the vendors. When you accept a refund request, you have to manually refund the customer. Then you will send a refund request to the admin and mark the order as “refunded”. Beauty4Future will then refund you the 10% – Stripe fee.

We can only refund the sellers 30 days after the purchase. After 30 days, Beauty4Future donates the money automatically, so no refunds are possible any more.